Gong Flint Pro 5’10

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The shape of the Flint is very wide at the tips. This almost rectangular outline makes it possible to reduce the length and width for the same ease-of-use. The board is super stable at standstill. The SUP foil/Wing versatility of the Flint means that you need to keep some length to be able to row properly. It is by staying in 5′ and 6′ that we have played on the width to radicalise this concept. In Wingfoil it will be super lively because you will certainly take a short board, without the discomfort of an extreme board with thin tips. Quite the contrary, on the water you will have the advantages of a bigger board, especially at take-off where it is king. High performances without the disadvantages of a complicated board.Un dérivé du plus raffiné Slipstream du passé, le nouveau 7S Jetstream+ est un véritable surf hybride, à la fois au niveau du design que des performances. Maintenant avec plus de volume au niveau de la poitrine pour une meilleur rame et usage, ce « All-rounder Performance » s’adaptera à des conditions allant des plages mushy jusqu’aux vagues creuses.

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