JP Australia Wave 93L [GOOD]


This board suffered damage in a storm but was fixed as can be seen on the photo. 

The board is designed with a narrower and hydrodynamic profile to glide smoothly through the waves. A round shaped tip with a wider outline makes the board very powerful and provides extra speed. No matter how high the waves are, they are not a challenge for the JP Wave.

JP has chosen a narrower tail shape to make sure that the board provides plenty power release for hardcore riders. They can perform any move easy and fast due to the improved acceleration and early planning abilities of the Wave. A double concave bottom combined with reduced rocker lines also maximize acceleration and top speed, but keep the board very stable and easy to handle. The JP Wave turns and rotates fast and without requiring great effort from the sailor.

The board is also very comfortable and offers a smooth ride by using a domed deck and soft, easy to adjust foot straps. The great thing about the JP Wave is that it offers unaltered performance, no matter how choppy the conditions get. Fast, maneuverable and comfortable, the JP is one of the best onshore wave riding boards available today.

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