Three Palms Board 8’4 Soft

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Stacked with extra volume, and constructed to keep beginners safe.

DESIGN: With a focus on stability, the outline of this board is full bodied from nose to tail, and it has plenty of extra width through the middle to give first timers ample opportunity to jump to their feet. The extra volume in this board means it’s extremely buoyant for paddling and catching waves easily, and to keep the board sitting high in the water when riding broken foam waves.

CONSTRUCTION: Thick EVA deck and a soft slick skin on the bottom is super durable, yet soft enough to keep beginners safe. EPS core makes for a stiff, stable platform which is important at the beginner level. While other softboards can over flex, our boards maintain rocker integrity so you can jump to your feet quickly and confidently ride waves.

SAFETY: Vacuum construction process eliminates hard or sharp surfaces, and prevents peeling or bubbling. Heavy-duty nose and tail bumper zones are a great feature for rental facilities and surf schools storing the boards standing on the tail.

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